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17 August 2009

Pretoria Old Motor Club Participates in the 2009 'Feast of the Clowns'

The Tshwane Metropolitan Enables the 'Feast of the Clowns'


The Feast of the Clowns has been part of the city's calendar since 2000. It started as a small street festival, but has now established itself as the only annual festival in the inner city celebrating its diversity and people and running over a whole week. In 2008 the main festival was attended by up to 20,000 people and the side events and workshops by 2,000 - 2,500 people.

Hosted by the Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) in conjunction with other local role players, this is a home grown festival, locally owned and managed. The Feast celebrates the vibrant diversity of the inner city, it provides access to well-known artists and exposure to emerging community artists, it transfers artistic skills, and builds a sense of community. 

This year we expect the following:

· 80-90 live artists on three stages 
· The annual March of the Clowns with 3,500 people 
· A mini-film festival with local communities (including homeless communities) in several inner city venues 
· Educational and (re-)creational workshops (throughout the year and the week) 
· Social justice workshops 
· Art, poetry & photo competitions and exhibitions with performances 
· Art workshops 
· Circus workshops 
· Three productions in a city theatre, hosting different artists, one evening showcasing local talent


Pretoria Old Motor Club Participates in the 'Feast of the Clowns'
POMC was invited by the Tshwane Metro to participate in the 2009 street parade which was accepted with open arms.
Community involvement from a Club like the POMC is very important as it is a way of giving private time and showing lovingly restored classic cars to the participants. More important is the fact that the POMC is the prime old vehicle club in Pretoria and as a member of the Pretoria Community likes to be involved in all things Pretoria from an old vehicle perspective.
Vehicle restoration is aimed at preserving the heritage of motoring and it is important to show what can be achieved by dedicated individuals. Hopefully, through exposure to events like this, the younger generation will get involved, not only (what we would like, Cars), but understanding that preservation of historical items as part of building their future.
POMC members took ten cars to the parade and lead the way for the thousands of children following. It was clearly a very memorable occasion for spectators and POMC members alike.


30 July 2009

Charitable Donations

The Pretoria Old Motor Club (POMC) has donated an amount of R20 000 on 30 July 2009 to the Nuwe Hoop School and Paul Jongnickelhuis for Adults with Disabilities.

The money donated by POMC, to these two charities, is from the proceeds of the annual Cars in the Park exhibition of veteran and vintage cars and will be used to purchase wheel chairs.

More than a hundred motor clubs exhibit 3000 Cars at Cars in the Park annually. This makes it the biggest exhibition of veteran and vintage cars in Africa.

Twelve learners from the Nuwe Hoop School will attend the exhibition as guests of the Pretoria Old Motor Club.


Die Pretoria Oumotorklub het op 30 Julie 2009 'n bedrag van R20 000 aan die Nuwe Hoop Skool en Paul Jungnickelhuis vir Volwasse Gestremdes geskenk vir die aankoop van rolstoele.

Die skenking is afkomstig van die opbrengs wat�tydens die jaarlikse Cars in the Park saamtrek ingesamel word.

Meer as 'n honderd motorklubs stal gesamentlik sowat 3000 motors uit vervloë dae uit. Dit maak hierdie die grootste saamtrek van veteraanmotors in Afrika.

Twaalf leerders van die Nuwe Hoop Skool sal die geleentheid as gaste van die Pretoria Oumotorklub bywoon.


Van links na regs op die foto is: Frans du Toit , Kommunikasiebeampte van die Pretoria Oumotorklub, Daleen Botes van die Kungwini Welsynsorganisasie/Paul Jungnickelhuis, Milly Spies, Skakelbeampte van die Nuwe Hoop Skool en Taco Kamstra, Ondervoorsitter van die Pretoria Oumotorklub.

On the picture from left to right are: Frans du Toit , Communications Officer of the Pretoria Old Motor Club, Daleen Botes of the Kungwini Welfare Organisation/Paul Jungnickelhuis, Milliy Spies, Public Relations Officer of Nuwe Hoop School and Taco Kamstra, Deputy Chairman of the Pretoria Old Motor Club.
Tok Grobler Cell 082 375 0200
Frans du Toit Cell 082 893 9342

exotic cadilac

22 July 2009


Een van die oudste opgetekende motors in Suid-Afrika, 'n pragtig gerestoureerde 1904 Cadillac sal een van die groot aantrekkingskragte by vanjaar se Cars in the Park byeenkoms op 2 Augustus wees. Die Cadillac van mnr Ty Terblanche van Kwa Zulu Natal is die oudste motor op die eienaarslys van die Veteraanmotorklub van Suid-Afrika en die Vintage Sports Car Club. Dit is ook die enigste Cadillac in Afrika wat voor 1915 vervaardig is en die oudste lopende motor in Kwa Zulu Natal. 
Die motor is net voor die Tweede Wêreldoorlog uit Amerika na Suid-Afrika ingevoer as 'n vertoonstuk vir General Motors. Dit is in 1998 deur mnr Ty Terblanche bekom wat dit gerestoureer het volgens die spesifikasies van �� outentieke model van die motor in die Harrah Automobile Museum in Nevada.

Die Cadillac sal deel uitmaak van die grootste uitstalling van veteraanmotors in Afrika by die Cars in the Park saamtrek by die Zwartkops International World of Racing in Pretoria . Meer as 'n honderd motorklubs sal gesamentlik meer as 3 000 motors uitstal by die Pretoria Oumotorklub se 29 ste jaarlikse Cars in the Park.

Besoekers kan die dag met 'n piekniekmandjie geniet. Volop eetgoed sal ook by die vele stalletjies, wat deur die LIONS en ander liefdadigheidsorganisasies bedryf word, te koop wees.

Frans du Toit 082 893 9342
Tok Grobler 082 375 0200

Exotic 1904 Cadillac a main attraction at this years Cars in the Park

A perfectly restored 1904 Cadillac, one of the oldest cars on record in South Africa, will be a main attraction at this years Cars in the Park exhibition of vintage cars on 2 August . The Cadillac, owned by Mr Ty Terblanche of Kwa Zulu Natal, is the oldest car on the Veteran Car Club of South Africa and The Vintage Sports Car Club ownership lists, the oldest running car in Kwa Zulu Natal and the only pre-1915 Cadillac in the country and in Africa.

First reference found is in a photograph taken of it on display in the General Motors Showroom in Port Elizabeth in September 1940. This bears out the information that it was in fact imported from the U.S. as a promotional tool for General Motors just before the Second World War. Ty Terblanche bought the car in 1998 and after research in the U.S., gave the car the facelift it required to match the specifications of a similar example that was housed in the Harrah Automobile Museum in Nevada. This included the correct colour hand painted body and correct striping. He also fitted a top in the correct style and reupholstered the interior.

The car has two bodies, the rear entrance tonneau that allowed passengers to enter the vehicle through the back door while the car was reversed up to the elevated boardwalks (remembering that the roads were all mud), and the snappy roadster body giving it a two seat configuration. Conversion is by the removal of four bolts on the chassis.

Power is by a single cylinder of 980 cc, mounted horizontally under the floor producing 8 �½ - 10 horsepower.

The 1904 Cadillac will form part of the pride of South Africa���s national vintage car and motorcycle collection that will be on show on Sunday 2 August 2009 at the annual Cars in the Park exhibition. This is the biggest event of its kind in Africa. Collectors from more than a hundred motor clubs across South Africa will display in excess of 3 000 classic and vintage vehicles at the Pretoria Old Motor Club���s 29 th annual Cars in the Park exhibition. The exhibition takes place at the Zwartkops International World of Motoring in Pretoria.

There will be no shortage of food, beer and refreshments, although visitors may bring their own food and have a picnic. Only gas braais will be permitted. All catering will be provided by the LIONS Organisation on behalf of charity organisations. The gates will be open from 07:00 and a flea market as well as a beer garden will be available. 

Tok Grobler Cell 082 375 0200
Frans du Toit Cell 082 893 9342 

Picture caption��¦ Mr Ty Terblanche with his 1904 Cadillac the oldest car on display at Cars in the Park 2009 exhibition.

Fotobyskrif...Mnr Ty Terblanche by sy 1904 Cadillac wat vanjaar ���n groot aantrekkingskrag by Cars in the Park sal wees

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